I am happy to share my wonderful experience with the Children’s Center at Tri-County. This is my fourth year in the program with my second child.

My son, Eddie, went to the preschool for two years. Now my daughter, Frankie, has been going there last year and this year.

This particular preschool uses “play” to help develop a child’s sense of self-awareness, independence, and ability to play and interact with other children. It also allows them to be themselves by providing all means of self-expression through different activities.

There are many studies on the subject of “play” versus a more “structured environment.” I have been privy to a few by the school, and I have researched some of them on my own. I feel that this school of thought is the most productive for kids.

The teachers that head up the program are very hands on and involved in every aspect of the center. I feel confident that when I leave my daughter there, that she will be taken care of, paid attention to, but most of all that she will have “FUN” and learn through the various activities that she can choose to participate in.

Mrs. Tilden, Mrs. Oxford and Mrs. Taylor are wonderful at the helm of this program. They truly care about their students and the children that are a part of this program.

I would recommend this program to any parent looking for a preschool that gives their child a sense of being important and creative, supports them to be who they want to be, and allows them to choose what activities they want to participate in.

Another bonus of the preschool program at Tri-County is the child-to-student teacher/teacher ratio. There is a greater ratio here than in all the other programs in the area.

I am so happy that I have been blessed with a program that is so wonderful for my kids. My kids love/loved the program and the teachers!

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