My youngest son is the fourth of our children to attend the Tri-County Children’s Center.

I originally decided to send our twins to preschool at Tri-County because of the one-on-one contact of the student teacher-to-preschool student ratio.

Coming from a big family, I think it is wonderful for children to have teenage male and female role models to interact with. Also, the price and free play approach were very attractive. I believe preschool age children thrive on free play. This approach really makes learning fun for the kids.

For the last 10 years, the three instructors have done nothing but improve their program, by having a wonderful, caring, friendly relationship with the parents. By doing that, they have been able to improve their program according to the needs of parents.

One of the best improvements over the years is the outside playground.  As a Mom, there is nothing better than seeing kids playing and exploring outside. Everyone has a smile on their face, from the preschoolers to the high school students, right up to the instructors. I am a stay at home Mom, so for me I send my children to preschool to introduce social skills, develop self-confidence, get them used to being able to play productively with other children and to take the burden off of myself for a few hours. I feel so comfortable with the staff that it has truly been a wonderful transition. I have and will continue to recommend this program to other parents. I believe the Tri-County Early Education Program is a hidden gem, and everyone I know that has had experience with the preschool program will say the same thing.

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